How to Negotiate the Salary Using the Power of the Norm of Reciprocity

An employee negotiating his/her salary may often feel a complete lack of bargaining power. If the employee lacks alternative jobs, and thus cannot make a credible threat to quit or take another job, it is easy to feel that the offer made by the employer is a take it or leave it offer which the employee cannot influence at all.

The employee or job seeker can however take advantage of the laws of human nature to increase his/her leverage when negotiating the salary. One of these laws says that every human being has an interest in being recognized as a worthy member of society. The only chance to be recognized as such a member is to show that one is willing to comply with the basic norms of society. Not to comply with these basic norms is to put oneself outside society, a condition that is unbearable to most people.

The most fundamental norm of society is the norm of reciprocity. According to Wikipedia, the norm of reciprocity is “the social expectation that people will respond to each other in kind — returning benefits for benefits, and responding with either indifference or hostility to harm.”

The power of this norm can be felt in most bargaining situations. Assume a buyer and a seller are haggling over the price of a car. The seller starts out with a bid at $24,000. The buyer finds this offer unacceptable and makes a counter bid at $15,000. Now, the seller lowers his bid to $20,000, i.e. he makes a concession. In this case, the buyer will most often feel inclined to increase his bid, maybe to $17,000. The reason why the buyer will feel this inclination is because of the presence of the norm of reciprocity. This norm now demands that the buyer responds to the seller’s concession with another concession.

The norm of reciprocity is so powerful that it can be taken advantage of in almost any bargaining situation, even by a party that otherwise completely lacks leverage. This norm is a most powerful ally to the employee or job seeker negotiating his salary – if correctly appealed to.

The norm of reciprocity will only work if it is very clear that the employee makes a concession or gives something away to the employer. This can be made in several ways. If, for example, the employer has worked over time for months without any compensation, he can say “I really do like this work. That is the reason why I have spent hours and hours of overtime here. I think it is only fair that I get some kind of compensation for my efforts for this company.” Another way is to start out the salary negotiation by making a high but reasoned salary claim, from which a concession can be made in the next round.

With the norm of reciprocity in his toolbox, the employee or job seeker negotiating his salary will have dramatically increased his leverage.

Tips on Presenting a Eulogy Speech

The death of someone close to you could be a devastating blow. Even though it is a fact that humans die, people find it hard to accept the death of a loved one. But remember that there is nothing you can do to change this fact, and also, you should know that those who die will be accepted in God’s Kingdom. The last thing you can do for a deceased person is to deliver a eulogy speech.

A eulogy speech is a dialogue that focuses on the praising someone that has departed. It mainly talks about the person’s life and achievements. The person delivering eulogy speeches usually share their fond memories with the deceased person.

If you are asked to deliver eulogy speeches, and if you think you are not ready for it, then here are some tips on preparing and presenting eulogy speeches.

The first thing you can do before writing down the speech is to gather more information on the deceased person. Get all necessary information such as their birthday, goals and achievements that some of the people who are to attend the funeral might not know. It is also a good idea to think of some stories about the deceased person and tell it to the public. You can also add the legacy they have left behind – their family, lives they have changed, triumphs, etc. Just remember that all the things you are to say on an eulogy should be facts, not lies.

The next tip is to not make a lengthy speech. Long speeches tend to stray from the main points you want to share. All you need is to make a short enough speech that can clearly send the message that you want to during the eulogy.

When writing the eulogy speech, it is easy to focus on the person’s death, the cause of death and such information. However, this information does not make a good speech so instead, you should just focus on talking about the person’s life, particularly, the happy times you spent with them, the achievements, that that person made, and other positive things about the deceased person. Remember that everyone on the funeral feels sad, so hearing good stories can actually ease up the pain.

It is a good idea to write down all the memories you want to share on the eulogy. Most of us are not public speakers, and so, having notes will help you remember the things that you want to say. This notes will definitely guide you in to presenting a memorable eulogy speech.

Remember to practice delivering the speech for at least four or five times. This will help you know how to annunciate the speech properly. Practicing can also help ease up the pain you feel for losing a loved one and thus, feel better when you deliver it in the funeral.

As a back-up plan, have someone be ready to deliver the eulogy speech in your place. During the funeral, you might get overwhelmed by your emotions and not be able to speak in front of everyone, so having someone take your place would be a good idea.

How to Be Successful in The Clothing Industry

At this moment in time, it is extremely profitable to pay attention to the fashion industry. If you are planning to launch or already have a wardrobe-oriented business, then you definitely need a guide that will indicate to you a couple of key steps to success. The fashion industry is worth much more than you think and you have unlimited opportunities that you can take advantage of and increase your profits. If you are thinking about a new clothing brand and if you think your idea will be recognized in the world, we are here to help you and explain how to be successful in an industry based on clothing and fashion. When establishing your clothing brand, you should think about production, sales, but also marketing. It is clear you cannot achieve everything on your own because this is not a job done by one person. You also need to work on yourself, learn and be constantly informed about new trends to be able to create a profitable business.

In the following lines, learn how to achieve success and develop a great career.

Regardless of your talents and ideas, the truth is you have to do market research to find out if it even makes sense to get into the clothing business. Think about how well you know the fashion industry. You need to know how the fashion industry works and how other brands have become popular. You need to learn as much as possible and read about other brands that are your role models today. Based on that, you can establish your business strategy, because we all start from scratch. Entrepreneurs often make mistakes when they think it was more straightforward in other times. It is valid there was not always the Internet and that there were not so many competitors, but that does not mean that all ideas are worn out and that you will not find a way on the fashion scene.

Determine the target market
Who are your ideal customers? Are they willing to set aside money for your wardrobe? How do they feel while wearing it? These are all questions you need to answer before you open a business. You are a customer and you need to know what is most important to you. Explore, consult with relatives and friends. Ask them what their favorite brand is and why. Opinions will be different, but the point is to gather as much different information as possible, to gain insight into what you can expect when you launch your brand.

Fashion industry and challenges
Let’s face it, challenges are at every turn. Thorough research is only the first step. The second step is to present yourself in the best way. Social networks testify it is necessary for the brand to build a good background story, which means that clothes are not enough. If you are creative, you will be able to convey to potential customers what you offer them through photos and blogs. If you just post a photo and don’t think about its quality and precise angle, know the competition has long overtaken you. It would be best to hire a creative team to work with you. That means you need bloggers, photographers, people who will come up with the whole marketing concept. If you don’t have the money for that, then you have to work individually. It requires you to learn a lot and be open to unique arts and activities, to be able to present what you do to the world in the best way. Whether you are reselling a wardrobe or creating your own fashion pieces, you should be aware that many things have already been seen and that it is necessary to follow the trends to be able to offer customers something new.

Contacts, suppliers, associates
When you enter the world of the fashion industry, know you can’t achieve everything yourself. No one works alone, so it is clear that you will also need help. If you have friends and acquaintances who already work in the fashion world, be sure to consult with them about everything that is unclear to you. Next, you need to find a quality and reliable women’s knitwear supplier, who will respect deadlines and agreements, because that is the basis for a successful business. Simultaneously, you need to think about the collaborators you will hire on the project. It doesn’t have to be right after launching a company if your budget doesn’t allow it, but it should be in the plan.

You may produce great products that you are sure will perfectly suit your target group, but if you do not promote them in the right way, you can experience failure in the first step. Take advantage of digital marketing for promotion and be active on multiple fronts. It is mandatory to have your own website and to clearly state where you are and what the working hours are if you have a physical location. The site should be designed so that your customers can easily navigate and easily execute the desired order. It is also advisable to organize seasonal discounts, especially before the arrival of the new collection. That way, your wardrobe will be unstored in stock, and you will not have to sell it at the purchase price, but only 20-30% of the sale price. You will see for yourself that money for marketing is necessary, and in the modern age, most of the money of massive companies goes to advertising. Hire a marketing agency that will make a business plan for you for a year, and in addition, explore how you can achieve a free promotion. You can do this through your online channels or acquaintances with celebrities or influential people.

We agree that the idea is only yours and that you should not take it lightly to someone just because your partner possesses money. However, you can draw up a partnership agreement so that you are the majority owner of the company and give someone a percentage based on the money invested or the provision of services. Partners can aid you to make the most of your business. In addition, expand cooperation with other companies from the same industry.

The first collection is crucial
What you initially show to the world, and at the same time advertise to the maximum everywhere, will present you in public. That means you have to show yourself in the best light. That is why it is important for the first collection to be spectacular and show your talent. Therefore, you establish a certain group of people who will always come back.

You may not see the sale right away
Many entrepreneurs give up at the beginning because they did everything as a rule, but they do not see a profit in the first month. Think of the first few months as a rehearsal. You will see what you can change and what you need to work on. You need to stick to your business plan and need to be motivated to succeed. If you give up after the first hurdle, your efforts have been in vain, and that is certainly not the goal that will lead you on the path of wealth and success.

We hope you will successfully overcome all obstacles and that your logo will win everywhere on the Internet! Be brave, creative and persistent because success does not come overnight, but is built. We wish you good luck in your future business!