Success Tips for Professional Advisors – 8 Benefits of Being Fully Present

Have you ever found your mind wandering when you were trying your best to focus your attention on learning something new? Maybe you were sitting in a client meeting and your mind slipped into thinking about your next appointment. Psychologists who study AADD tell us that most adults spend far more time focusing on the past or future to ever fully realize their potential of being in the present.

While learning to be fully present with clients leads to deeper and more intimate relationships which ultimately leads to greater income, there are other equally important benefits. Listed below are eight benefits of why you should practice the power of being in the present moment.

  1. Being present leads to better performance. When you are fully present, your mind is more alert. You are completely focused and centered. You are at your best. You have no fear. You are not worried about the outcome. Your only thoughts are how you can deliver the best possible experience.
  2. You have a heightened awareness of the needs of those around you and you are able to connect at a deeper level. Being present requires learning to accept yourself and others without judgement. The power of presence gives you the ability to be transparent and authentic. When you are fully present, you’ll stop trying to impress people and just be yourself. Communication with others will improve as you become more honest and open.
  3. You possess a deeper level of self-confidence. You stop comparing yourself to others. You feel safe and you make others around you feel safe. The ability to make others feel safe leads to more trusting relationships and causes people to want to follow your lead.
  4. You become a better decision-maker. You are better able to make wise choices even in difficult situations because you are no longer fearful. By ridding yourself of judgmental thoughts and worry over the future you will be more decisive and make forward progress.
  5. People are more attracted to you because you project calmness and surety. When your mind is still, you are better able to hear your inner spiritual voice. You tune into your intuition and become a better listener. By becoming a better listener you will be able to deliver greater value to people.
  6. You have greater focus and mental acuity. Now that you are “present-minded” you are no longer “absent-minded”. You will learn and retain more.Your memory improves.
  7. You make better use of your time. You find yourself becoming more efficient and productive because you stop wasting time rehearsing past mistakes and role-playing future events.
  8. You have a playful outlook that relieves pressure and brings joy. Life is more fun. You find yourself with more free time to enjoy.