Tips for Commercial Property Presentations

When you work as a commercial real estate agent in this market, most of the listings that you chase will be the subject of a presentation and sales pitch from a number of real estate agents.

Many property owners feel that they have to test the market and get comparisons from other agencies before they make a decision on just who they will list their property with. Maybe the idea has merit however many sellers and property owners can be influenced by all the wrong reasons and facts.

The problems that stem from the seller approaching a number of agencies can usually be summarised as follows:

  1. Some agencies will be trying to sign the listing by offering discounted or heavily reduced commissions.
  2. Some agencies will reduce the marketing costs on the listing or even pay the marketing costs themselves.
  3. The associated fees for the marketing of the property can be absorbed by the selected agency.
  4. Some agencies will claim that they have qualified buyers on their books now just waiting to inspect and purchase that particular property.
  5. The agent offers to take the listing on an open list basis with no exclusivity.
  6. The agent takes on the listing at the client’s price that is inflated well above market.
  7. The agent offers the client a method of sale that the client is comfortable with however that method does not reflect the best strategy of sale in the current market conditions.

The realities of these offerings and discounts are that they substantially reduce the interest of the listing agent in the true marketing of the property. They can also hinder the sale and marketing process.

These points above are the most common hurdles that you will come across in the sales presentation and pitch process. Any property owner that chooses an agent based on any or all of these facts should not be taken seriously in their efforts to list and sell their property. This property market is fickle, and needs the right approach. The sellers must follow the rules in and marketing of their property; to do otherwise will create a stale listing and waste everyone’s time.

The Real Focus of Agents

Most good real estate agents will only spend their time on the listings that they have exclusive control, and where they can see the most opportunity or the most commission for the amount of effort that they apply.

So if you are coming across these factors in your local property market, the strategy is to practice your presentations to counter propose and discard these issues; they have any little relevancy to the results that a client wants in this market. The property owner and seller will listen to your offer and strategies providing you have the right argument supported by sound logic.

The listing of property is not a debate and should be built around the best price, the best way to attract enquiry, and the best marketing program. Working with a property owner through these three factors will usually allow you to discard the discounts and offerings of other agencies.

No client wants their property to be an experiment with time, price, or enquiry. That is their Achilles Heel that can be used as a lever in you attracting the listing in the best way possible.

Presents for Men that Will Impress

Buying a gift for a man means taking a moment to think about what he does in life for work and play. Men who work in or like carpentry may find a new hammer or drill useful. However, a 3D artist would have very little use for a hammer. It’s important to keep this in mind when buying a gift.

Guys who like electronics will certainly give off some kind of sign. They will usually be talking about the latest greatest thing, or be drooling over a new piece of hardware. If you don’t have time to listen then take a peek inside his den or workshop and see what’s there. If you open the door and there’s a tower of giant beeping plastic with lights on it then that probably means he likes electronics.

Another thing you need to consider is that there is a difference between electronics people and computer people. Computer people are often called packrats for all the parts they keep strewn about their homes. We can’t help it we never know when we will need them. Other men also like camcorders and other audio video electronics, and then you have gamers.

Most notably the hardest to buy for these men love their games. When buying for a gamer you have to figure out which time period of games he likes. Whether he is an older gamer or he is a modern gamer. Then you have to figure out which system and game types he likes. After all this you then need to get him something he doesn’t already have.

Keep in mind not all of us are the same. Every expert seems to think we all like starring at naked ladies and drinking beer all the time but that’s a big misconception. We are often just a sensitive about issues and as complicated inside as anyone else. Finding cool presents for men isn’t hard if you just take the time to get to know us.

Success Tips for Professional Advisors – 8 Benefits of Being Fully Present

Have you ever found your mind wandering when you were trying your best to focus your attention on learning something new? Maybe you were sitting in a client meeting and your mind slipped into thinking about your next appointment. Psychologists who study AADD tell us that most adults spend far more time focusing on the past or future to ever fully realize their potential of being in the present.

While learning to be fully present with clients leads to deeper and more intimate relationships which ultimately leads to greater income, there are other equally important benefits. Listed below are eight benefits of why you should practice the power of being in the present moment.

  1. Being present leads to better performance. When you are fully present, your mind is more alert. You are completely focused and centered. You are at your best. You have no fear. You are not worried about the outcome. Your only thoughts are how you can deliver the best possible experience.
  2. You have a heightened awareness of the needs of those around you and you are able to connect at a deeper level. Being present requires learning to accept yourself and others without judgement. The power of presence gives you the ability to be transparent and authentic. When you are fully present, you’ll stop trying to impress people and just be yourself. Communication with others will improve as you become more honest and open.
  3. You possess a deeper level of self-confidence. You stop comparing yourself to others. You feel safe and you make others around you feel safe. The ability to make others feel safe leads to more trusting relationships and causes people to want to follow your lead.
  4. You become a better decision-maker. You are better able to make wise choices even in difficult situations because you are no longer fearful. By ridding yourself of judgmental thoughts and worry over the future you will be more decisive and make forward progress.
  5. People are more attracted to you because you project calmness and surety. When your mind is still, you are better able to hear your inner spiritual voice. You tune into your intuition and become a better listener. By becoming a better listener you will be able to deliver greater value to people.
  6. You have greater focus and mental acuity. Now that you are “present-minded” you are no longer “absent-minded”. You will learn and retain more.Your memory improves.
  7. You make better use of your time. You find yourself becoming more efficient and productive because you stop wasting time rehearsing past mistakes and role-playing future events.
  8. You have a playful outlook that relieves pressure and brings joy. Life is more fun. You find yourself with more free time to enjoy.