Tips for Commercial Property Presentations

When you work as a commercial real estate agent in this market, most of the listings that you chase will be the subject of a presentation and sales pitch from a number of real estate agents.

Many property owners feel that they have to test the market and get comparisons from other agencies before they make a decision on just who they will list their property with. Maybe the idea has merit however many sellers and property owners can be influenced by all the wrong reasons and facts.

The problems that stem from the seller approaching a number of agencies can usually be summarised as follows:

  1. Some agencies will be trying to sign the listing by offering discounted or heavily reduced commissions.
  2. Some agencies will reduce the marketing costs on the listing or even pay the marketing costs themselves.
  3. The associated fees for the marketing of the property can be absorbed by the selected agency.
  4. Some agencies will claim that they have qualified buyers on their books now just waiting to inspect and purchase that particular property.
  5. The agent offers to take the listing on an open list basis with no exclusivity.
  6. The agent takes on the listing at the client’s price that is inflated well above market.
  7. The agent offers the client a method of sale that the client is comfortable with however that method does not reflect the best strategy of sale in the current market conditions.

The realities of these offerings and discounts are that they substantially reduce the interest of the listing agent in the true marketing of the property. They can also hinder the sale and marketing process.

These points above are the most common hurdles that you will come across in the sales presentation and pitch process. Any property owner that chooses an agent based on any or all of these facts should not be taken seriously in their efforts to list and sell their property. This property market is fickle, and needs the right approach. The sellers must follow the rules in and marketing of their property; to do otherwise will create a stale listing and waste everyone’s time.

The Real Focus of Agents

Most good real estate agents will only spend their time on the listings that they have exclusive control, and where they can see the most opportunity or the most commission for the amount of effort that they apply.

So if you are coming across these factors in your local property market, the strategy is to practice your presentations to counter propose and discard these issues; they have any little relevancy to the results that a client wants in this market. The property owner and seller will listen to your offer and strategies providing you have the right argument supported by sound logic.

The listing of property is not a debate and should be built around the best price, the best way to attract enquiry, and the best marketing program. Working with a property owner through these three factors will usually allow you to discard the discounts and offerings of other agencies.

No client wants their property to be an experiment with time, price, or enquiry. That is their Achilles Heel that can be used as a lever in you attracting the listing in the best way possible.

How to Negotiate Successfully

Plenty of folks would certainly assert that the world operates on compromise. It can, at times, be very difficult to get two folks to agree on an issue, not to mention to somehow get the 6 billion individuals inhabiting the entire world on the same page. When people get into any disagreement, the only method to deal with it is to locate some middle ground where all parties can be relatively satisfied. That is when they will also be agreeable to start negotiating.

When talking about negotiation, or its more formal forms of arbitration and/or mediation, it is the process of solving disagreements with the intent of satisfying the interests of more than one individual or group. Talks develop everywhere all of the time, in the commercial world, in legal proceedings, and in some cases between the people in power of entire countries. Of course, negotiating likewise often occurs on lesser scales: going through weddings (and sometimes divorce cases), all through bringing up a child, and even during everyday living. It is not uncommon that a lot of individuals are not able to go a 24-hour period and not have to negotiate with a friend or relative over some problem or another.

There are many approaches to starting a dialogue. However, it’s imperative that all sides go in with an open mind. Truly being willing to compromise is the most essential element with regards to wanting to come to an decision with someone else. Given that the two sides really need to recognize the other party’s point to see what type of deal may be achieved, when someone is unable and / or reluctant to give any ground, then any attempt at discussions would most likely be completely wasted.

The most well-known approach of discussion may include three basic components: substance, process, and behavior. Behavior refers to how the parties treat and react to each other and how they actually communicate with each other. Process describes the way the interested parties genuinely set about the negotiations. It involves the parties that are interested in the outcome of the negotiations, how the parties go about reaching a decision, and how all of these things play out. Lastly, substance refers to the effects of the actual negotiations, covering such questions like what the issues are, what the options are, and finally what agreement is reached at the end.

A separate strategy for negotiations is based on tactics, process, tools, and strategy. Strategy refers to top level goals which are the desired outcome at the end of the negotiation process. Tactics include things like statements and actions in response to another party’s statements – as in, how another’s statement is responded to. Process and tools include the steps that are commonly followed in a negotiation session. Occasionally, persuasion is added to this method where one party persuades the others to agree on their own argument, which is one way to successfully complete negotiations.

Another often-used tactic is known as bad guy/good guy. One negotiator acts as a “bad” guy and it is tough during the session because they may openly express anger and use threats. In contrast, the “good guy” calls off the “bad guy”, which makes the other party feel more sympathetic to them and thus more likely to agree to their terms.

Negotiating is a regular part of life. Being respectful and wise is important so that all parties reach an agreement they’re content with.

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